The AI music revolution….

There has been loads of talk and debate about AI in music but recently has seen a lot of interest, especially on the back of a Depeche Mode inspired creation on youtube

This has really put the cat amongst the pigeons, and it is pretty obvious that the ILM has been trained using Depeche Mode probably from youtube. It’s scarily good, or is that bad, when the influences here are so brilliantly copied. Along with this I have tried udio, and to be fair, it’s pretty awesome! Whilst it won’t replace musicians just yet it is really getting there. Artist names are replaced, but it still often manages to pull something recognisable out of the search/tags you enter. You then need to extend or play around to get a longer song/tune. It’s still a bit hit and miss but I have included a few here and a link to my page. It’s fun, I think you should check it out because this AI generated music is a coming folks!

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